Selena’s predicament is costing Hailey and Kylie fans: What is happening?

Nothing is more appealing than when throngs of competing followers enter the private conversations of international celebrities.

This time, three well-known people were concurrently involved in the Online argument.

All began with a lighthearted video of Sel showing her fans an effort at unsuccessful eyebrow laminating.

In addition, the girls uploaded a screenshot of their video call to the Internet: It was evident that lamination was the focus of their attention.

The stars’ actions were immediately recognized by followers as an attempt to ridicule Gomez. Additionally, it appears that Sel’s admirers’ suspicions are legitimate.

Sel once more took the title of Instagram’s most popular woman, surpassing Jenner in terms of followers the other day.

Additionally, the website calculations indicate that Hailey and Jenner have collectively lost 1 million followers and are losing them quickly.

However, public disapproval isn’t that bad.

In the current trend of consumers rejecting cosmetics made by Jenner, TikTok is already gaining traction.

Even though Jenner and Hailey claim they didn’t try to upset Gomez, they will definitely second-guess themselves before making fun of anyone in public again.

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