Selena Gomez replied to comments and discussed how and why she gained weight

She has been working on other projects recently, which is no secret. She has been gradually moving away from music.

As a result, she is very interested in social activities that help her mental health. Additionally, celebrities began to perform in more and more movies and TV shows.

She explained, ‘My state gradually returns to normal when I stop taking these medications.’

I just wanted to say this and offer support to anyone who experiences thoughts as a result of their weight.

Keep in mind that you are the only person who knows your story, so no one has the right to judge you, the celebrity said.

She doesn’t try to cover up the fact that these comments are not good for her mental health.

However, the state of her body is something else that she considers to be the most significant at the moment.

We all experience such days from time to time. I would rather prioritise my health and body care.

Additionally, the well-known individual stated that she ‘never was and will never be a model’ and that ‘I know that these medicines help me,’ which is the most important thing.

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