SeIena Gomez fans criticize Bieber over birthday present: Everyone is eagerly awaiting her response

Internet users now have a new reason to talk about his wife’s and ex-gf’s relationship.

Simultaneously, the singer herself doesn’t become weary of demanding that she encounters nothing towards the spouse of her ex.

In addition, the singer received it from his own fans, who were upset that he did not publicly think about Haley.

Additionally, her fans are now praising him. The singer actually celebrated his 29th birthday by throwing a party this past weekend.

Naturally, there were a lot of the artist’s friends at the party. He presented guests with small gifts bearing the messages: I’m glad to the point that I never got what I needed.’

It was immediately recognized by Internet users as a reference to the artist’s former lover.

‘Probably he was trying to show that he appreciates what he has now, although he did not want this,’ ‘This gift directly and subtly hints at how much he lives in his past.

Having said that, not everyone saw the situation this way. They mentioned: ‘I think it’s strange to look for double meanings here,’ and ‘He just meant that he is grateful for what he has now’ are examples of his statements.

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