See the surprising outcome of scientists’ effort to make a chimpanzee human fifty years ago

A tiny monkey was taken by scientists from the zoo in 1974. The chimpanzee was adopted and brought up in the household.

Years passed before it was realized that a study was underway to try to transform a chimpanzee into a human. Nima the chimpanzee was found by Steph.

A professor selected the study. He reasoned that the monkey couldn’t speak because that was a given.

However, he believed that teaching her words in the form of sign language would enable them to communicate freely.

At first, Steph taught Nima how to use the bathroom and eat with a spoon from a plate.

The chimpanzee started washing dishes and maintaining order in his room a year later. Nima learnt 125 motions after 4 years of devoted study.

However, when the ongoing learning process was stopped, his gesture vocabulary quickly decreased to 25.

They also chose to end the research in 1977 after the final exam because they were unable to transform the monkey into a man.

According to scientists, the initial desire to introduce a monkey as a representative of another species was an impossibility.

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