See the appearance of the 110 cm man’s 2-year-old daughter that he married and had

The couple started dating after going on an unusual and enjoyable first date, which they can still laugh about, in the summer of 2014.

Jake and Daniela made the choice to spend the evening together in a café when they first met.

The server then delivered Daniela a menu as her dining partner received a children’s sketchbook and colored pencils as soon as they were seated at the same table.

He is 60 centimeters shorter than Daniela, so the waitress initially mistaken him for a toddler before realizing his errors.

They became quite close on their funny, happy, and pleasant date.

Following that, Jake and Daniela formally announced their relationship.

The unconventional couple’s wedding attracted a lot of media attention and famous guests.

All of Britain’s top newspapers and magazines were covered with pictures of this spectacular event the following day.

Daniela and Jake received the news that their family will be growing in 2018. They started getting ready for the baby’s arrival right away.

Mina has been around for two years. The parents spend a lot of time with her, take the baby on many walks, and travel around a lot.

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