See how the woman looks and lives now after eating only fruits for seven years and not brushing her teeth

Meet Tanja, who has been a healthy vegan for seven years and only consumes fresh fruit.

She was motivated to act in this way because she was upset with her figure. Tanja needed to see a doctor and receive care.

But none of it was of assistance to her. At the age of 16, the girl weighed 186 pounds and stood 5’2′ tall.

She soon made the decision to try eating food. Girl quickly shifted to fruitarianism because this approach suited her perfectly.

She left Poland when she was closer to 40 and relocated to Bali, where it was much simpler to live a fruit-only diet.

There she met her cherished partner, with whom she has similar nutritional beliefs, and from whom she had children.

In addition to simply eating fruit, the pair also refused to brush their teeth.

Tanja and her husband are currently working to change to the same nutrition system and assist others.

It’s true that only we can help ourselves as we know our bodies the best.

Thankfully, this girl found the best way of caring for her. Cool, right?

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