See how the Siamese twins have changed after being separated for 33 years

Siamese are rare, but nature continues to amaze us. In 1987, pathology examination techniques were non-existent.

Daija and Brunon, a young couple, were expecting twins. The girls’ names were Valia and VitaIy.

A year later, their brother, Poilus, was born. The spouses had to make the tough choice to divide the children in 1989.

Alexander Konovalo, a physician, was the first person in the world to perform the procedure to separate Siamese twins.

The experiment was being watched by the entire globe with great anticipation. Doctors remembered bringing fruits to little girls post treatment, and the girls eating the fruits themselves.

Naturally, some aspects of the twins’ look persisted after the procedure.

Given that they were given a complete existence, these things are inconsequential.

At the age of 28, Valia and Vitaly met Dr. Konovalo on one of the television shows.

They claimed to be Vilnius residents who both hold degrees in history and work in the publishing industry.

They remain close friends today. Both chose not to get married since they were unable to find a man who resembled their father, who previously gave his daughters everything so they may live happily.

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