Ruth Rubinstein: How lipstick and lotion helped one woman establish an empire

This woman’s motto, ‘Beauty is Power,’ has contributed to women’s empowerment by giving them the power to look their best.

She started her own cosmetics business in 1920 after being born in Russia in 1880.

Because it had been used by actresses and courtesans in the past, the magic makeup recipe that she claimed to have was controversial.

Later, she opens a beauty salon with a coveted address sought after by Parisian society.

The establishment of a laboratory in Saint-Cloud to produce its own cosmetics and make-up products follows a novel concept in which customers receive individualized care, advice, and make-up lessons.

She goes so far as to search the aisles of the flea market for pretty cases and compacts to use as inspiration for her packaging because she is a perfectionist.

The person who studied dermatology and met a lot of scientists was convinced that beauty and science are connected.

It will then develop its products in this manner. This woman trained saleswomen in department stores, which led to the establishment of the first beauty schools and the profession of demonstrator.

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