Rumors about Leonardo DiCaprio’s preferences made him upset: He is now seeking a committed relationship

The news media recently reported that he was dating 19 years old Elena. He was 48 years old.

The fact that the actor continues to select more and more young women made a discussion topic on the Internet.

All of these rumors about his preferences have him concerned.

He dislikes the hype and is currently single. In an interview, the source stated, ‘Everyone assumes that he is looking exclusively for young girls.’

However, what might he at any point do about the way that at any party he draws in the consideration of practically all kids.

He wants to completely forget that image.

And he is very concerned that it will continue to follow him,’ the source continued.

Additionally, he is now hoping to meet someone with whom he can share his feelings.

Keep in mind that the model’s relationship with the actor lasted about five years and ended almost immediately after she turned 25.

By the way, after this, there were rumors in the media that he was not dating women over 25.

Some of his fans were surprised when the media learned about his relationship with Gigi. However, it appears that it was brief.

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