Rumor has it: To attend the King CharIes coronation in complete secrecy, Meghan MarkIe would have disguised herself

Fans say they have photographic evidence to support their theory that she will attend the secret coronation.

Assuming Meghan Markle decides to shun going to the royal celebration service, many individuals online keep up with the conviction that she has previously made game plans to partake in the crowning liturgy function occasion.

An unmistakable void was obvious during the magnificence of the royal celebration of Ruler Charles III at Westminster Monastery on May 6, 2023.

The event was enriched by Prince Harry’s lonesome presence.

Multiple online accounts suggest that Meghan Markle may have attended the large gathering of 2,200 people, albeit in secret.

Wearing a striking white hairpiece, matched with larger than usual one of a kind glasses and a phony mustache, Archie and Lilibet’s mom purportedly covered her personality to participate in the celebrations.

In reference to the well-known Harry Potter series, another fan made the amusing suggestion that they should wait for the potion to wear off.

It wasn’t just a mask; there was a real person there.

This recognized individual is, in all honesty, a writer whose pieces were performed on this event.

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