Ronnie is only seven years old, yet he has already rescued over 1,000 dogs

This boy is a true hero who, despite his young age, has already demonstrated that he has a huge heart.

He had always been fond of animals, and by the age of four, he determined that dogs were his favorite and that he would do whatever he could to aid them.

Ronnie could never remain indifferent to street animals, and he wished to help them all. And as he grew older, he recognized that he didn’t want to regret anything, thus it was worthwhile to take action.

He also requested that they bring him money on the day of his birth. He did not spend the money on gifts or toys, but instead donated it to a shelter in his hometown.

Then, with his parents’ help, he founded an organization that seeks owners for stray dogs and shelter visitors. Ronnie’s mother, who supports her son’s project, was a huge help.

And we hope that this great boy’s gesture will inspire everyone to do good. Hopefully this young boy will encourage many people to do so many good things for animals like he did.

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