Rihanna, with her husband and son posed for the Vogue cover: The outcome is incredible

With her first live performance in five years and the news of a second pregnancy, isn’t there already plenty to speak about?

The celebrity family walked along the beach in black. Pictures like these haven’t been seen in a long time!

Moreover, this is the child star’s first public photo session; up until recently, his parents had never shown him.

Everything went well during the photo session, until the singer noticed that others were filming them in full, in addition to the magazine’s photographer.

When and how the child is shown to the outside world are up to us as parents. The journalist recalled her words, however, ‘The son still cannot answer for himself.’

The singer is generally happy and literally takes pleasure in being a mother. In fact, I changed from one person to two.

It is amazing that you and the father of your baby enter the hospital together and leave with a family of three.

This is insane! especially in the beginning. We had nothing but a cold turkey when we got home.

She continued, ‘It was just the two of us and our child, and we are now closer than ever.’

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