Reunion rumors are created by Travis Scott’s comment on Kylie Jenner’s social media post

Going back to an ex-boyfriend is generally a bad idea, which is no secret. However, at the same time, we all have stories of times when it was the only right choice.

Stars are perhaps the best illustration of this.

However, there aren’t many instances in which they return to their ex for a third time.

Additionally, it appears that we will soon experience this in relation to their relationship.

After their daughter Stormy was born, the couple divorced, but they eventually got back together.

Air was given to their beautiful son when they had their second child. However, they divorced once more shortly after the heir was born.

Despite the fact that it was clear that they were no longer together, they themselves made no remarks whatsoever about their relationship.

And it appears that he realized what he had lost because the rapper left a meaningful comment under one of her new posts: Beauty.’

Web clients really wanted to see this unusual and equivocal signal with respect to the performer. Many of the influencer’s fans sincerely hope that she will not be with him again.

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