Rescued cat with unusually shiny dark fur returns to his true self

Ashlley and her fiancé came to the sanctuary, and they were completely smitten by a silver cat with a dark face. The kitty’s tone was intriguing.

‘He seemed more like a fledgling wolf than a tiny cat,’ Ashlley writes, ‘yet he was extremely loving, and when we brought him home from the shelter he rested peacefully under my fiancé’s pullover.’

‘He instantly wanted to stay there and go around the house with me,’ said the woman. ‘When I wanted to go to work, it was difficult to say goodbye to him, but when I returned, he greeted me enthusiastically and scoured me.’

The kitty’s silver hair stayed on his skin less as he grew older. He was left with only a few silver hairs after two or three months. A thick dark velvet fur coat developed in several locations.

As a result, the kitten morphed into a lavish dark feline with a small white mark on his chest. And, strangely, he wanted to sit on Ashlley’s shoulder as an adult. He also enjoyed snoozing next to Ashlley’s head on her bed. The feline had blossomed to its full potential.

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