Rejected lion can’t nap without a blanket like he used to do when he was a baby

Meet this lovely lion, whose owner has refused to care for him any more. He was kept as a pet at his owner’s house.

The family acquired him illegally, but when they refused to keep him, he was put to a refuge.

So, the founder of Texas Wildlife Rescue was informed about his past. His owner purchased the small cub illegally. Unfortunately, after three months of care at home as a pet, they decided not to retain him and he ended up at the rescue center.

She was also told that the previous cat used to lie in her bed with a blanket.

As a result, she decided to offer a cozy sleeping environment for the lion baby. It was done so that he would not be stressed.

She entered his enclosure and placed a blanket in the corner of the floor.

He quickly enveloped himself in that blanket. He was waiting for this warm and lovely piece of fabric to slumber.

Since then, the mother has always given him a blanket for his beautiful snooze.

Even now, at the age of two, he prefers to sleep with a blanket. He is quite energetic, active, and full of energy. He enjoys not just his nice blanket, but also snuggling.

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