Reddit users assisted a stranger in raising a significant quantity of money in order to save her pet from a disease

Jill’s year started with the death of a dear one. Her brother passed away after a long fight with brain cancer. It doesn’t end well either: the girl is fighting for the life of her cat, Ashton.

F.I.P. is a virus that spreads throughout the body, causing damage to many organs.

The medicine has been used to treat this disease in the United States and certain European countries in recent years.

The vet informed her that she could still save her beloved pet. She then turned to internet users, pleading with them to help the cat live longer.

«I’m in a desperate situation.» Jill wrote, «He is my entire universe.»

Her post drew the attention of animal lovers all across the world right away. And it turned out that many of them wanted to contribute money to her to help her pay for her pet’s treatment.

She was contacted by a knowledgeable Reddit user. He called the girl and received the specifics of the cat’s diagnosis and therapy from her.

Jill thanked all of the donations and pledged to account for the expenses and update everyone on Ashton’s progress.

«It’s going to be a long road, but thanks to you, I have hope.» «I am deeply grateful to each and every one of you,» she wrote on the donation website.

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