Rapper P. Diddy imparts an interesting family photograph to each of the 7 of his kids from various spouses

The 52-year-old rapper is known not just for the song ‘I’ll be missing you’, yet additionally for experiencing passionate feelings for: P. Diddy, had four wives through common law throughout his life. And those are only the ones that we are aware of.

The musician, a true romantic, always wanted to have a child with the woman he loved. He has seven of them all together: six from birth and one from adoption.

Moreover, the tough rapper is an excellent father. He frequently updates his Instagram followers about his time spent with the heirs.

However, it takes a lot of effort to bring the offspring together.

The father of many children recently achieved success; how could you not film this touching moment?

The rapper’s four daughters and three sons are shown posing in the image. Except for the infant, all of the girls chose the same outfits.

A contented father is smiling with all of his teeth in the background. Nothing else is important.

The photo was briefly captioned, ‘I love you.’ A hip-hopper’s spontaneous Father’s Day was perfect. What do you think about this story? Let us know.

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