Puppy expresses her delight when her mother returns home from work

Any dog owner will tell you that coming home after work and being welcomed by your furry friend is one of the best feelings.

The dog’s level of excitement remains constant whether you’ve been out for two minutes, two hours, or two days.

They are overjoyed that you have returned! After a long day at work, it’s wonderful to see your dog’s tail wagging and then showering you with kisses.

Even if you just went to the store, they are usually delighted to see you.

A new pet owner discovers what it’s like to come home and be greeted by an excited pup in a viral video.

Dogs are known to have intense hearing, so it stands to reason that yours will be at the front door before you even open it.

His tail wags even quicker when the door to the house starts making noises and moving.

Then he notices her — of course, it’s mom! The puppy is overjoyed and doesn’t know what to do with himself.

Instead of sprinting towards its owner, it dances and hops, wagging its tail.

This boy has clearly had a long day and is eager to play!

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