Puppies pay visits to the elderly in nursing homes. This is very touching

Their story touched many people’s hearts and spread all over the world.

Several rescued doggies recently made seniors happy by visiting a nursing home.

Some of these dogs are kept at home by one of the workers at this facility.

Recently, these dogs have had the opportunity to leave their homes and communicate with elderly people who, like them, require companionship and love.

Workers at the nursing home welcomed the dogs and thought it was a great idea.

One of the workers stated that they are always looking for ways to entertain their residents, and nothing outperforms puppies. Dogs were very popular among the elderly.

They held them in their hands and stated that these puppies are very warm and pleasant, and that dogs enjoy being cuddled.

This visit was also intended to socialize the dogs and prepare them for future interactions with humans and family life.

These puppies’ friendly visits can bring joy to lonely seniors. So it was a big deal for the dogs and the residents.

According to one of the workers, the staff and the dogs were happy.

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