Prince Harry reacts to rumors that he is cheating on Meghan MarkIe in a private hotel room

Recently, journalists from The Sun dug up an interesting fact about the couple’s relationship.

It turns out that he has an indefinite reserve of a room in one of the hotels in California – not far from his family estate with wife.

According to the source, the prince escapes there when he needs to be alone.

Another place where he spends time without his wife and children is a bungalow in a private club. What happens in this area remains there.

Phone cameras at the entrance are sealed with stickers. It is forbidden to discuss what you see in the club, and approach other vacationers too.

Putting two and two together, netizens immediately began to spread rumors that the dukes had long since divorced.

In the exact aftermath of the already huge scandal over his memoirs, the aggression around the his personalities is destroying the remnants of their reputation.

‘That’s not true,’ a spokesman relayed the Prince’s reaction to PageSix. However, these words became for the public more a confirmation of the theory than a refutation.

What is actually happening, we are unlikely to know, at least in the near future.

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