Piqué made an unexpected request to the court regarding his children: His decision shocks his followers

He appears to have made the decision to forsake his sons after a scandalous divorce from Shakira.

The football player went to court and asked to spend nearly half of his time with boys.

The embarrassment encompassing the separation of Shakira and Pique proceeds.

There can be no discussion of any serene settlement of the circumstance, as enthusiasts of the once gorgeous couple can pass judgment.

He initially sought alimony from wife, claiming that he would have to spend a lot of money traveling since she had taken the children from Spain.

He decided to alter his strategy after not receiving what he wanted, so he went to court with a different request.

The football player is eager to cut down on the number of hours he spends with his sons from 10 to 6.

This time, it’s possible the court will grant his request.

On social media, outrage abounds. Nobody can trust that he , rather than expanding how much time he enjoys with his youngsters, is attempting to slice it down the middle.

Many people are wondering whether he still cares about his sons or whether he does. Furthermore, the football player keeps excess quiet.

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