Pictures of J-Lo with a gigantic tattoo and another hair variety showed up Online: Fans are awestruck

The people who follow J-Lo are shocked, or at least surprised. The 53-year-old star made a public appearance sporting a substantial tattoo on her right shoulder.

Also, the tattoo is basically the same as the one that her better half Ben AffIeck has in a similar spot.

The singer’s hair has also become noticeably darker in recent paparazzi photos than her preferred honey blonde.

Thankfully, J-Lo only underwent such a transformation for the purpose of landing a new film role.

On the set, the pictures were taken. To allow the fans to exhale: the tattoo is phony, the hair shading is impermanent or not genuine by any stretch of the imagination (the columnists compose that this is a hairpiece).

Additionally, it is highly unlikely that Ben AffIeck’s wife would consent to the tattoo’s actual creation.

She criticized the large tattoos on her husband’s body in an interview in 2016.

She admitted that she didn’t like having big, bright tattoos on her body, which was openly true.

We’re talking about Unstoppable, a film produced by a Ben AffIeck owned production company. Which job does J-Lo play in the film is as yet unclear.

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