People tip the 90 years old pizza delivery man $13,000 that they had raised for him

Despite being 90 years old, Daniel cannot retire in comfort. Even the essential monthly bills cannot be covered by Daniel’s social security.

As a result, the man was hired as a delivery driver. Each day, Daniel delivers pizza.

Every day on TikTok, his loyal customer Andrei Volkanov posted about how a 90-year-old courier delivered his delivery.

The phrase Daniel used to attract admirers was, ‘Hello, are you looking for some pizza?’

Volkanov led others to question if Daniel ought to be employed at such a respectable age and recommended that they tip the delivery driver.

Social media users who were willing to help quickly joined and raised up to $13,000.

The 90-year-old delivery driver has already received the mail with the money.

And he got very emotional at the goodwill and happiness of others.

‘It’s perfect in every way. He required it. Just happy we were able to assist him.

Just like he does, we ought to be respectful and civil to everyone. Volkanov stated in an interview with Today that ‘He won our hearts.’

When united, people can do great things.

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