People on the Internet have fallen in love with the amusing act of Kate Middleton: She doesn’t hesitate to alter the rules

Not only was the list of winners from the February 19 presentation ceremony in London memorable, but so were the stunning outfits.

Naturally, she received special attention this evening. The present prize has taken on a special meaning for her.

This is her first time walking the red carpet as a princess of Wales rather than a duchess of Cambridge.

She had already worn the white dress in 2019; it had been slightly altered.

She paired the flowing outfit with black opera gloves and mass-market brand jewelry.

They are about £18 in price. Princess also lost her hair and wore evening makeup with a slight accent on her eyes.

Her husband chose a black velvet trouser suit with a bow tie to complete the look. Moreover, the future king’s velvet suit looked much better than his usual attire.

And perhaps the most memorable part of the presentation ceremony will not be when the winners are announced, but rather when she makes the touching and a little bit sarcastic gesture.

However, the couple’s admiring fans do not conceal their feelings: ‘She is so sweet,’ ‘I do not cease to be touched, looking at them.’

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