People can’t get enough of the cute dog’s face that looks so human

Norri, the dog, has become well-known on social media because of his unusual appearance. People ensure that the canine’s face resembles that of a person.

Norri’s owners admit that they are accustomed to the pet and are not often surprised by his appearance.

‘As he’s gotten older, it’s become less consistent, but we’re still struck by how real his face and eyes appear.’

Passers-by frequently halted and said how much he looks like a human,’ the owner recalls. ‘

Although it happens less as he becomes older, people actually compare his face to a human face.’

The dog’s owners started an Instagram account for Norri, where they post his photos.

‘That’s where we get all of the comments regarding his human qualities, like users commenting that he looks like a person or asking about his eyes,’ says the owner.

The couple admitted that they were content with the pet’s prevalence in online entertainment.

‘Last year, we decided to get Norri a friend and bought another dog,’ the proprietor explains.

‘The poodle’s human appearance contrasts substantially more with the new pet’s background.’

What an adorable and unique dog, right?

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