Patient doggy assisted her mother in saing many puppies who need help

Killo, the cute doggy, lived in an old lawn with insufficient food. Her only purpose was to have puppies. In the end, Killo ended up in a California shelter. She met Sarah, a volunteer, there.

Sarah had three dogs at the time and had no plans to add another. Something about Killo, on the other hand, touched her heart.

Killo just couldn’t muster the confidence to entice potential adopters, no matter how hard she worked with her.

Killo, as Sarah would discover, is more than just a caring addition to her pack. Soon after arriving, she took in a small and tiny doggy in need of nursing care.

The puppy continued to refuse her bottle until Sarah attempted to place it on Killo’s stomach. Killo had discovered her true passion! Killo and Penny have remained inseparable close companions to this day.

And, knowing that Penny will always be first in her heart, Killo has gone on to assist Sarah with raising around 200 puppies!.

What an amazing and helpful dog, right? Hopefully no other dog has to go through difficulties anymore.

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