Paris Hilton was to receive an apology from Meghan Markle: The Duchess arrived at her conclusions too soon

Megan has recently provided new justifications for her enviable frequency of self-promotion.

She has been able to appear on the cover of a fairly well-known magazine, attend a private Spotify event, and release a new podcast in the past few days.

She became a guest on the podcast, but she was almost always silent, which made it very informative.

Stereotypes about pretty girls were the focus of the most recent issue. She specifically discussed ‘bimbos,’ which are women who are attractive but unintelligent.

Parls was most commonly associated with the image of ‘bimbo’ in the 2000s, when the term first began to be used.

She acknowledged that, in contrast to Parls, she was not attractive in her early years.

She also made assumptions about Hilton solely based on her public image. Parls had an unfavorable impression of the well-known blonde as a result.

Hilton acknowledged on the podcast that she was not initially a ‘bimbo’ in any way.

She admitted in an interview with Variety that she apologized to Parls for her actions during the podcast recording. Markle addressed Hilton, ‘I’m so sorry I misjudged you.’

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