Paris Hilton spent a lot of money decorating the room for her first child

Paris Hilton, 41, had her first child at the age of 41.

The settled party queen and her husband haven’t said anything about their son’s name or when he was born yet, but journalists are slowly finding out more about the star’s motherhood.

The arrangement of the child’s room required Paris to spend at least one million dollars.

She set up a room for her first child long before he was born, and as one would expect from an heiress of a five-star hotel chain, she used the most expensive materials and interior items.

Life and Style was told by a source that only the best Los Angeles designers and a lot of gold could calm Paris’s enthusiasm.

According to the insider, the room turned out to be quite stylish despite the Hilton’s moderation of luxury.

Paris built the baby his own dressing room and purchased hundreds of designer items, giving him everything a famous child could ever want.

It appears that the famous mother made the decision to instill taste in her son from a young age.

Well, we are awaiting the children’s party’s initial report and a comprehensive room tour!

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