Paparazzi photographed Naomi CampbeII with her 2-year-old daughter whose face she still hides

No matter how hard the iconic top model tries to hide her only and long-awaited daughter, the paparazzi are on the alert.

Especially in the film festival, where the main film event of the year is now taking place.

And how inopportunely her 53rd birthday fell on a Film Festival – the magnificent celebration had to be canceled.

But between red carpets and movie screenings, the star still found time to celebrate the holiday with friends.

The celebration took place on a yacht, where they took the girl. It was then that the cunning paparazzi arrived in time.

Despite the fact that she carefully covered her daughter’s face with a towel, the photographers still took a few shots where the face of the matured heiress was clearly visible.

The last time similar pictures were taken a year ago – then the girl was still quite a baby.

She herself occasionally indulges followers with photos of her daughter, but only from the back.

The model announced that she was expecting her first child in May 2021.

She did not specify whether she gave birth to a child on her own or used the services of a surrogate mother.

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