Owners left their cat at home while they were away on business for a month; when they returned, there were already 5 cats

The family made the decision to leave their second house while on business for a few days, leaving their cat behind.

But when they did go inside the living room, they discovered that they now had up to five cats living there.

A man who’s cat, Luy, coincidentally took on the identity of Crusoe for a month related the tale.

A month later, they discovered their pet to be in excellent health when they opened the door.

Four cats that they still didn’t know about wandered throughout the house. Luy proved to be a perceptive feline.

He appears to have put a sizable bag of his food on the floor after discovering it on the kitchen table after a few days.

So he obtained food. In addition, the window wasn’t closed by the owners. Of course, the cat took the chance to go outside and back inside.

It appears that additional cats are now able to enter through the window.

Luy seemed to have been impatient and made the decision to cover for the owners’ absence.

Cats need a roof over their heads, of course, but five pets at once is a bit much.

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