Outside the window of a nature photographer, a lovely squirrel family built a nest

This photographer had not expected such a fortunate opportunity to present itself to him, but he took advantage of it and published the photos on social media.

He has a lot of beautiful photos of nature on his Facebook page. The most recent snapshot, however, was very adorable. In any case, the majority of web users agreed.

Ludwig was able to capture a video of the squirrel family napping.

Two squirrels slept with their mouths open on their backs, while the third cuddled one of them.

The photographer explained that at first, he was drawn to the twigs on his windowsill, which appeared to be blown away by the wind.

Later, he discovered that a construction project had begun here.

And, from that point on, the photographer began to follow the rodents who had succeeded in building a nest, and soon a cub joined the family. The animals then ventured out of the nest one day to slumber during the day.

And Ludwig began shooting them with a smartphone so he wouldn’t miss the occasion.

A series of photos swiftly spread around the internet, causing a lot of excitement among followers.

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