On the red carpet of the Oscars, a charming couple appeared: Salma Hayek and her daughter

Salma is a Mexican entertainer who was nominated for an Oscar in 2003 for her part in ‘Frida’.

She is the mother of a 2007 child. The actress is well-known to be very close to her daughter, so it’s possible that she attended public events like the Oscars with her.

At a dinner party in Venice in 2006, the actress met a French businessman. Soon after, they started dating, and in March 2007, they got engaged.

On Sunday, March 12 and Monday, March 13, the lovely Latina was one of the Oscars’ guests.

She was with her daughter on the red carpet, and everyone was talking about her because she was wearing a very pretty dress.

Although they wore very different styles of clothing, the daughter and she were both very pretty.

She wrote in an Instagram comment that the lovely photos and the special time she spent with her daughter were her favorites.

The entertainer is exceptionally close to her girl and has frequently talked about the significance of her family in her life.

She also posts photos and moments from her life to social media with her daughter.

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