On the red carpet, 58 years old Monlca Beluchi stood out in a scarlet dress: The actress was the focus of everyone’s attention

Numerous celebrities were present at a solemn ceremony to present Film Awards last week in Paris.

On the red carpet, the actress received all of the attention. The event’s attendees and photographers could hardly keep their eyes off of her.

The feminine look was completed by a short silver necklace and a matching clutch.

She appears to be in great shape for her age, according to Internet users. Despite the fact that the celebrity does not like diets and physical activity, this is the case.

She walks a lot, but she doesn’t like going to the gym. She once stated that putting on a black dress is easier for her than denying herself a portion of pasta.

However, the actress does not conceal the fact that she tries to stay away from a number of products whenever possible.

The artist drinks a lot of water because she places a high value on staying hydrated.

‘An example of exceptional femininity and elegance,’ and ‘I really like how she changes over time.’

Her numerous fans discuss the celebrity outfit, including ‘The most beautiful,’ ‘How lucky Tim is,’ and ‘It seems to me that she seems to be in time.’

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