On stage, Dua Lipa was presented with a marriage proposal, and the singer came up with a way to cheer the fan

The concerts that Dua performs are almost as frequently discussed on social media as her outfits.

Recently, some events and awkward situations have occurred at every celebrity performance.

She recently had to apologize, for instance, after several fans attended her performance.

During one of her concerts, a supporter donned a T-shirt bearing the phrase ‘Marry me’ and stood very close to the stage.

Naturally, she couldn’t ignore the fan’s attire. She spoke with the man while she paused for a moment. She smiled when she found out that he really wants to marry her.

The performer clarified that she was unable to wed a fan. But she has a different way of pleasing him.

She said, ‘I can dedicate the next song to you,’ to a delighted fan. After that, the star started dancing and singing right in front of him.

Web clients valued her signal and her thoughtfulness regarding fans.

In the adorable video, her fans wrote, ‘God, I love her more and more every day,»she is the cutest person in the world,’ and ‘if I were in this guy’s place, I would definitely be emotional.’

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