On social media, SeIena Gomez responds to the discussion directed at Hailey Bieber

The conflict between the two appears to date back in time. However, the singer’s fans will always defend her.

Because of her jokes about Selena, the model was actively talked about.

It is unclear whether Hailey and Kylie Jenner intended to make jokes of Hailey’s unsuccessful eyebrow lamination.

They began to lose Instagram followers as a result of jokes that were so inaccurate. For several weeks, her adoring fans have been talking about the situation there.

Since she herself addressed them with a plea for calm, it appears that the supporters of the singer have gone too far.

She admitted in an Instagram post that she had personally contacted her and informed her of the things she faced.

Hailey reached me and said that she had discussions. This isn’t a big motivator for me. This should never be done to anyone.

I have consistently represented consideration and truly maintain that everything should stop.’

It is unsettling to contemplate the extent to which idol worshipers’ devotion can sometimes extend.

She as of late won another record, turning into the most well known young lady on Instagram.

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