On Mother’s Day, Tom Brady posted pictures of his ex-girlfriend GiseIe Bundchen. The honor is significant.

Tom, a quarterback for the NFL, and GiseIe Bundchen had two children together.

They are frequently regarded as one of the most powerful couples.

In a very touching way, Gisele Bündchen, a Brazilian environmental activist, was idolized by her ex-fiancé.

Mother’s Day will be observed on Sunday, May 14, in the United States. Tom Brady, a well-known American football player, has released a stunning set of pictures featuring Gisele Bündchen, his former romantic partner, in honor of this significant occasion.

A brief statement in which he expressed his sincere gratitude to his children’s mothers.

‘Cheerful Mother’s Day to every one of the astonishing ladies who have given such a huge amount to our family all through their lives.

We are grateful to you for your love, care, and kindness, as well as for setting an excellent example for our children.’

‘We appreciate your support and assistance in achieving our goals,’ the caption read. Gisele Bündchen responded immediately by leaving a heart-shaped comment on the post.

The photo carousel features a delightful assortment of Tom Brady’s family members, including Galynn Brady, his mother, posing with her son and during one of his matches.

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