On eBay, Robert Downey Jr.’s used chewing gum is up for auction: You won’t believe the cost

If you have extra money and have been a long-time Iron Man fan, you should join the auction for a valuable little thing right away.

Putting aside the jokes, the seller of his chewing gum is absolutely certain that multiple collectors will compete for an item that the Hollywood star used.

For (pay attention!) the actor’s used chewlng gum, it was put up for sale. 40, 000 dollars.

The man who was fortunate enough to find such a treasure put it up for sale on eBay.

The seller says that the chewing gum will be delivered to the new owner in a plastic container.

He guarantees the people who question if important, all that will be affirmed by a test for the presence of the entertainer’s DNA in it.

Naturally, the goods can no longer be returned in this scenario.

The gum, the expense of which is similar to a fortune, even has its own set of experiences.

The current owner, who admitted that he was just nearby at the time, had an undeniable entrepreneurial success and did not hesitate to acquire it.

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