Officials rush to the aid of crying kitties trapped in a storm drain

It is a cop’s responsibility to look after everyone in the neighborhood, whether human or animal.

Officials are usually willing to lend a hand when animals stall out in a few unusual places and require a little human assistance getting free.

That was the case recently, as cops spent hours rescuing captured cats from a storm channel.

After hearing the sound of tiny cats crying in a tempest channel, a state employee sought assistance from the State Police.

Official Cole arrived at the location, which was conveniently located near the police central command base camp.

The official is photographed entering the tempest channel to free the kitties.

However, it was far from a simple task: according to the employee, they had to work in a severe storm, and the salvage effort took about two hours.

In any case, he persevered and, eventually, he was able to bring the young kittens out without difficulty.

During the two-hour trip, the representative who first heard the small kitties’ screams stated she assisted the officials.

Three kittens were rescued from the channel pipe, according to her. The tiny kitties were taken to a secure house after they returned to the surface.

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