Nobody wanted to adopt this odd-looking dog, but it turned out that his family had been looking for him for quite some time

A lady brought a Chihuahua named Payday to a refuge she found in the city.
The doggy struggled to fit in with a new household, and he appeared to be depressed all the time.

Furthermore, it looked as if he had an evil grin on his face at all times. Payday tried everything he could to avoid the shelter. Because he was always scared of everything, he was not vibrant or lively.

He was afraid of new people and situations. The volunteers at the shelter tried to find him a new home, but no one was interested. The shelter then decided to advertise Payday on a television channel. They anticipated him to be adopted by someone who was unconcerned about his appearance or behavior.

The shelter received a call a few moments after a chihuahua was featured. A man, whose name was Dwight, said that it was his missing pet. He had given his 10-year-old daughter a chihuahua two years before, but the dog had run away on a walk.

The family searched high and low for their missing pet. When Payday realized who was taking him, hehe promptly changed and turned out to be incredibly cheerful.

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