‘No perfect family exists’: Finally, Nicola Beckham talked about her disagreement with Victoria , her mother-in-law

The couple got married in spring, which got a lot of media attention.

Journalists, on the other hand, had no idea that their marriage would lead to the most fascinating experience.

The fact of the matter is that after some time had passed, internet rumors started to be made that they had a lot of different feelings for each other, and there were good reasons for that.

First, she said in an interview that she was going to wear a dress from her to the wedding, but the masters actually made her dress.

Second, on social media, celebrities continued to ignore one another.

Many people came to the conclusion that Victoria and she were at odds.

She emphasized, indicating that there was still some miscommunication between them, ‘There are no perfect families.’ Additionally, she recalled the wedding dress incident.

That, I believe, is where it all began. Yes, on my wedding day, I did not wear her wedding dress.

The actual fact is that I really would like that. Additionally, I am certain that she would design the ideal outfit for me.

I would be delighted. However, this was not permitted,’ she remarked.

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