Nicole Kidman’s fans are baffled by her bizarre behavior at the Oscars: Everyone was surprised by the actress

Fans’ reactions to the actress’ appearance at the Academy Awards last night varied. The actress looked great on one hand.

On the other hand, she acted completely out of character, leaving her fans perplexed as to why this might have occurred.

The actress’s strange behavior was quickly noticed by everyone.

She flashed a kind of fleeting grin across her face. She seemed to be trying to stand on her own after exaggerating her gestures.

Not to mention the fact that she, 55, repeatedly embraced and passionately kissed her husband, whom she brought to the ceremony.

In addition, the kisses were so frequent and passionate that both him and the assistants who were accompanying the actress appeared a little bewildered and embarrassed.

In point of fact, if someone like Madonna, who enjoys scandal and such behavior, had behaved in this manner, they might not have noticed.

Additionally, some of her fans have already criticized her for this, pointing out that she should not act in a manner similar to this because she has two young daughters for whom she cannot set a good example.

Review that she is bringing up two little girls along with Metropolitan.

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