Nicola Peltz acknowledges her envy of Brooklyn Beckham’s fans: The girl expresses her feelings openly

The marriage between Nikola and her husband appears idyllic from the outside.

However, there is room for jealousy even in such a happy family where spouses almost never leave one another.

In the most recent issue of The Times magazine, the heiress of the billionaire discussed this.

She emphasized: ‘In an interview with reporters, We are both definitely envious!

It appears that it was also about the fans, of which my husband has a significant number.

She also finds it very attractive that her husband always tries to keep her out of such situations.

She explained, ‘Compared to before the wedding, the feeling of jealousy has lowered now.’

I think our relationship is now stronger for the both of us.

She emphasized, ‘You know, if some guy appeared before we got married, it would be a bigger deal than now.’

She emphasized in another part of the interview that her husband’s problem with heirs is real.

However, she herself does not believe that the husband’s wish to have the child as soon as possible is true.

In addition, their perspectives on the family are largely similar. As a result, both partners truly wish for them to have many children.

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