New ducklings are the dog’s obsession, and she cares for them as if they were her own

The German Shepherd named Cappy is well-known in the area. She simply enjoys all kinds of little animals.

She enjoys kids and spends a lot of time with her family’s farm animals, including the ducks, kittens, and chicks.

Cappy was ecstatic since her family had just gotten a lot of ducklings. In these pictures, sweet Cappy is seen watching ducklings play in a puddle while appearing fascinated.

She seems to be under some sort of spell because she keeps paying close attention to the ducklings!

Cappy is so overtaken with emotion that she lays the ground and starts gazing in wonder at the ducklings.

She ignores the genuine unease of the wet ground and just keeps making intriguing movements, giving the impression that she is perhaps moved by being lost in another universe.

Dogs frequently act unpredictably around the creatures they admire, but Cappy’s peaceful, kind approach is somewhat unusual.

She treasures the commonplace tiny animals! She has a gentle, sensitive soul and is a great admirer of the beauty of nature! What a nice and caring dog our Cappy is.

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