Mother doggy who lost her puppies was so little until she met and adopted these little kittens

This dog was wandering near the border when she was discovered by a rescue group. Milo was taken in by the rescue crew, who immediately recognized she was pregnant.

Unfortunately, Millo gave birth prematurely.

Annita, the organizer of Rescue, observed her as she searched everywhere for his doggies.

Annita knew exactly what to do to restore the canine’s heart, indicating that the canine had strong maternal instincts.

Annita asked on social media if anyone had any little dogs who did not have mothers.

She reasoned that the dog could handle them. ‘I’ve had many people who had cats, but I couldn’t find any doggies,’ Annita explained.

Annita took in three young kittens who did not have a mother. She then brought the dog to meet the kittens. Annita gave the pup the main little cat because he showed no bad signs.

‘Whenever I felt agreeable, I thought to myself, ‘OK, I’ll get one more little cat out,» Annita explained. She soon started to take care of the three kittens.

The pup was relieved to have the cats to contend with.

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