Mother cat discovered a tiny dog and began caring for it alongside her kittens

Although many people believe that dogs and cats cannot communicate, this is not always the case.

They can be cooperative and amiable in addition to being kind and empathetic.

This cat and a dog gave birth almost simultaneously, and after the dog left, the kittie’s owner decided to introduce a kitten to the mother cat.

He had only recently been born, so the puppy was still quite young.

While covering him with a blanket, the cat’s owner carried him over to the cardboard box where the mother cat and her brand-new kittens were sleeping.

Puppies must spend their first few days of life with their mother because they lack the ability to regulate their body temperature.

The woman did not immediately place him in a box. Instead, the owner decided to give them some time to get to know one another.

The cat was initially puzzled. She gave the stranger a curious sniff while remaining calm. Her maternal instincts quickly took over, and she allowed him to stay with her kittens.

It was very nice and moving. The mother cat continued to care for both the puppy and her kittens without making any distinctions.

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