Mom dog approaches a bunch of men at a party and requests their assistance

David Johansson’s bachelor party ended up being a little different than he had anticipated, but he still has a tale to tell.

He and his seven pals left their hometown of Detroit and traveled to a rented cabin in the woods in Tennessee for a weekend of partying.

The cottage was officially off-limits to women according to the norms of a bachelor party, but that was before an unexpected visitor showed up at the front door.

The unexpected visitor was a mother stray dog.

She made the decision to investigate the cuisine after smelling the mouthwatering aroma of bacon coming from the cabin door.

They thought they could make an exception for her even though she is a woman and invited her to join their weekend.

Men made the choice to serve their guest a proper dinner. The men assumed the puppies had to have been born recently.

They were about to have a surprise, though.

They discovered something in one of the protected corners: a puppy’s head was rising from a homemade den.

In addition, there were seven of them, and they appeared to be very young!

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