Missing woman with memory loss is found safe by her trusty dog

Thanks to her faithful dog, Maxie, a Texas woman who was missing for days in a park is now safe.

Sharon, 64, had lately experienced memory loss, and despite knowing her way around the trails, she got lost on a stroll with Maxie.

The deputies had spent days searching the 2,800-acre park with Sharon’s family and friends, but to no avail.

Friends of Sharon’s children have created a group to find their friend’s mother. When they heard Maxie barking, they finally took a break.

They knew it was her as soon as they heard the bark because there were probably no other dogs around at the time.

Sharon and Maxie, on the other hand, were okay. She wasn’t confused, but she was lost and didn’t know what to do.

They might not have found her if Maxie hadn’t alerted the rescuers. ‘This dog had no collar with Maxie and stayed at his side for four days,’ adds Sharon’s son Sam.

‘And that only goes to demonstrate how loyal the dog is.’ Maxie was their brother’s dog, who passed two years ago. ‘He’s the last thing we really have of him,’ Sam said.

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