Megan’s solo presence at the Oscars party with a new hair color proved that she and MGK had a divorce

The news that the actress and MGK were no longer together was in the media in February of this year.

Given that the actress initially deleted all photos with her lover from her blog and then wrote a whole post about lies and betrayal, the journalists had every reason to draw such conclusions.

Some fans thought it was all about the musician lying to them. She quickly, however, denied this information.

Fox updated her social media profile and stated in a post that no ‘third parties’ were a part of her disagreement with her fiancé.

The couple was seen shortly thereafter near a center for relationship counseling.

Insiders demanded that they are attempting to do all that could be within reach to save the relationship.

However, fans recently decided that they were unsuccessful. The problem is that she attended the party following the Oscars in remarkable isolation.

She posed for photographers at the same time with a new image and without a wedding ring.

After the parting, it appears that she wanted to dye her hair,’ according to numerous Internet users who discuss the star’s appearance.

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