Meet Tola, the tiniest dog in the entire world, whose charisma will win anyone over

This cute dog has already achieved Internet fame. He is renowned for being the smallest puppy, among other things, as seen by his photos.

The birth of a dog like Tola is incredibly uncommon, making it a natural wonder.

No animal lover can possibly deny the extreme sweetness of this tiny critter.

If you look at the frames, you can see why it is little and similar to an apple. Monica is the name of the dog’s owner.

She asserts that ever since getting this entertaining pet, her friends have been coming by frequently, and she now knows that the dog is more to thank than she is.

Isn’t he adorable? He is a little over two months old and measures six cm tall.

It grows and develops normally despite its little size. Tola doesn’t eat or drink very often, which makes sense given his stature.

Everyone in the home moves extremely cautiously because there is a significant chance they won’t see him.

I also think this infant is just too cute; it’s impossible not to want to pet such a marvel.

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