Meet this puppy that is obsessed with her favorite ‘chair’

Recently, a humorous remark occurred on a Facebook community for dog owners and dog lovers. Patti is the author’s name. The woman decided to take part in the challenge by using the hashtag #weirddogchallenge and posting amusing images of her pets.

Patti frequently uploads images of dogs, but they have never been so popular.

The problem is that the dog decided that conventional cushions weren’t enough for her and began to cuddle on her brother. She’ll either smack her butt on him or climb all the way up to him.

And, judging by her happy expression, this state of affairs fits her well — something that cannot be said for the poor brother. The expression on his face says it all. The unlucky dog succumbed to his sister’s persuasion and became the dog’s favorite ‘chair.’

Patti’s tweet rapidly drew viewers’ attention and earned over 10,000 likes.

It was discovered that the dog is not the only pet who enjoys sitting on another dog.

Followers proceeded to contribute their own images in the comments, demonstrating that this occurs worldwide.

What is it – a display of dominance or obnoxious tenderness?

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